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aaaah! so extremely busy. 


Good fandom news - the fantastic Higuchimon, who had announced her retirement from the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom (to focus exclusively on GX) last year, just published the first chapter of a Seto x Otogi fic. YES. Title: Unarmed and Extremely Dangerous

Personal news: I am beyond busy, but the current love of my CW life has been updated last weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to hammer out another 8000+ words chapter in May. Title: I Don't Know Where The Caged Bird Sings (puppyshipping, angst/drama/family/coming of age/slice of life/ROMANCE and all those good things). 

Contest news: I'm working on a short 2000+ words crime/suspense ficlet for Round 4 of the YuGiOh Fanfiction Contest (the one on the ffnet forums). The pairing is bribeshipping (Rex Raptor x Mai) and turns out my muse thinks it's a really versatile pairing. Out of the many plunnies I had I chose one set in a Second Industrial Revolution setting, in AU!JacktheRipper!London. Never written this genre before, but I'm all about improving, so here goes. It'll be up on Thursday evening. 

... That's it for now. 

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tristan x otogi x shizuka

So I've just posted a crushshipping fic for the YuGiOh Fanfiction Contest (Round One) and, as my icon lets on, it's creepy. I couldn't help myself, I knew the minute the pairing was announced that I had to write something profoundly disturbing. I was pretty happy with it (five lovely, rapid reviews from unacquainted readers certainly helped) until I read this other amazing entry by a fellow contestant. It cruelly reminded me of the invisible glass ceiling sufficating my muse - my ESL handicap. It is achingly well written and does the pairing justice. 

My entry: The Good, The Bad and The Pretty (4500 words)
Other contest entries: Round One
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Season 10, Round 1

It's this time of the year, ladies and gentlemen! The Tenth Season of the now reasonably notorious YuGiOh fanfiction contest has started!  

Many big names in the fandom are in, a few of which I am quite excited about: Azh, Chicary, Ziven, Higurazel, darkrunner, Jonouchi Katsuya and Duckie... Many new names which are also quite promising. I can't wait to read everyone's different takings on the selected pairings from our moderator, Ryou VeRua!

The opening pairing is Honda x Otogi x Shizuka, which I find very promising and inspiring - I already know how my entry will start. But do I know how the protagonists' story will end? I don't, not yet, and perhaps I never will... 
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the iwl dot me gadget

So there's this fun thingy on the internets that tells you who you write like upon submission of a few paragraphs of your writing. I did so and got one author I didn't know of. 

Being a scientist at heart, I knew one sample wouldn't suffice. So I submitted many different snippets from my various fics, and eventually, started submitting whole fics altogether. (Should I be afraid that the thingy steal my writing? I think not. Feel free to steal my fan works, dear.) While this is in no way 'rigorously scientific', I did my best to incorporate older and more recent fics, longer descriptive prose and clipped drabbles, and various chapters from a multi-chapter WIP I'm writing on another account. Each chapter got a different author, by the way. 

Here are the results

James Joyce (4)
Stephenie Meyer (2) 
Cory Doctorow (2)
David Foster Wallace (2)
Stephen King
Raymond Chandler
Arthur C. Clarke (for a Steven Spielberg's Avatar fic, the only non-ygo story of the bunch)
Dan Brown
Margaret Atwood (for the only horror story of the sample, interestingly enough)
Chuck Palahniuk (for a romance)

Most of these authors I've never read; some of them I had never heard about. I think it's interesting that a good portion of them seem to be science-fiction writers, and all the pieces I've submitted are slice of life, romance, drama, angst, coming of age. 

Now being an ESL writer, which means I've been schooled in French literature and have very limited knowledge of English literature, I've had to wiki James Joyce (the great winner) in order to know more about him and more specifically, his writing style. Of course I know of the man, I've heard of him like anyone else; but I've never read any of his works. So this is the sentence I find most relevant to my interests amidst what wikipedia has to tell me about this great literary figure: Joyce is best known for Ulysses (1922), a landmark work in which the episodes of Homer's Odyssey are paralleled in an array of contrasting literary styles, perhaps most prominently the stream of consciousness technique he perfected.

I wonder what the whole range of actual writers this test encompasses. And more crucially, why aren't there more female authors in the bundle of my results? Why do the genres not seem to match at all? 
incredulous/crazy yalik



I have completed a multi-chapter fic.

All previous attempts had resulted in a few abandoned chapters, dropped fics and a sense of powerlessness.

But I have proven myself wrong. I can finish a fic and I will do it again.

incredulous/crazy yalik

I have glorious news, puppyshippers!

 The multi-chapter that may very well be the very best piece of yaoi fanfiction ever written on this planet, Fixation by the_lost_ogg, is readable again! 

It has everything - complex and dignified protagonists, a careful and savory build-up, instrumental OC's that rock your socks, fascinating insights from the police world, a wholesome plot to die for and few but amazing %%% scenes! 

Go read or re-read it here: http://ygo.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600101830